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Sales Account Management

From a sales account management standpoint, our salespeople are available via email and phone at all times. Every customer is assigned an account manager who directly interacts with them on a regular basis. The account manager is available via phone and email. Our ownership is also available via phone and email. Additionally, our website is up and available at all times, and inquiries made through the website are routed to the appropriate individuals.

Typical Response Time

Companies can expect a response within 24 hours when they reach out to us. Our goal is to have a response within a couple of hours for job inquiries. In case of an issue or immediate assistance, we strive to handle it immediately. We have dedicated numbers and email addresses for emergency assistance and situations, with an immediate response time within one hour at the most.

Specialized Contact Persons

Within our organization, we have specific contact persons and departments who specialize in working with clients. From an account development standpoint, we have individuals who understand food processing and production. They work closely with the food production group to customize solutions for their specific needs. An account manager is then assigned to manage the customized solution and ensure its successful implementation, with the help of the account development team.

Information and Documentation

When contacting us, it is helpful to prepare specific information or documentation related to your inquiry. The details may vary depending on the nature of the question or concern. For example, if you need assistance with moving a load, we would require different information compared to a situation where you are dealing with excessive waste and regulatory pressure. Generally, we would ask basic questions such as your location, the type and quantity of material involved, and the specific actions you are taking. These details will help us better understand your needs and provide appropriate solutions.

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About Innovative Waste Recycling

Sustainability Model

At IWR, our operations are driven by the principle of putting the customer first. We believe in doing right by the customer, the environment, and the people we work with operationally. We understand the importance of treating our customers, employees, and operational partners with respect and fairness. By adhering to these principles, we aim to build a sustainable business that can thrive in the long run.

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Custom Solutions

What sets IWR apart from other waste recycling companies is our deep understanding of the production and operational capabilities and constraints of our customers. We specialize in handling food and organic waste, recognizing the distinct requirements and rules associated with it. Unlike standard solid waste, food and organic waste require a unique approach and expertise. Our knowledge of the industry, coupled with our understanding of sustainable technologies, sets us apart. We continuously strive to expand our knowledge and expertise in this field.

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Who We Work With

At IWR, we believe in being in the trenches with our customers. We work closely with them to understand their needs and find ways to improve their operations. We take pride in directly handling and managing the solutions we provide, rather than simply outsourcing the work. This hands-on approach allows us to take full responsibility for the entire process, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our customers.

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Case Studies

We explore key objectives, outcomes, lessons learned, and best practices from various case studies. In these studies, the primary goal is to improve sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by implementing landfill-free solutions.

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