Canning Company Waste Management Solution


Canning Company Waste Management Solution Case Study

Innovative Waste Recycling (IWR) is a waste and byproduct management company that provides sustainable solutions for various industries. IWR successfully addressed the byproduct management challenges for one of the country's most extensive vegetable canning operations. The operation experiences a surge in business during the harvest season. This case study highlights how IWR effectively manages waste, overcomes operational obstacles, and maintains strong partnerships.

The Initial Challenges

Before partnering with IWR, the canning company encountered significant issues with its previous waste management provider. The provider failed to respond to concerns, neglected pickup schedules, and arrived with dirty equipment. As a result, the food processor experienced overflow and faced potential disruptions.

Company Profile

Number of Employees


Annual Revenue


Number of Locations


Drop in Metal-Caused Damage to Partner Equipment

95% drop in metal-caused damaged to partner equipment

IWR's involvement has saved its partner significant resources through protecting equipment from metal-caused damage.

Solving the Problem

Responsive Waste Management Solutions

Innovative Waste Recycling swiftly addressed the food manufacturer’s concerns by implementing effective waste management solutions. IWR ensured regular waste pickups throughout the year, with a roll-off dumpster of material collected daily or every other day during peak season. During the peak agricultural period, IWR expanded its operational capacity, offering as many load pickups as needed to accommodate the increased waste volume. Initially, the processor had reservations about the ability to handle this surge, but IWR successfully managed the increased workload.

Managing Foreign Material

An additional ongoing challenge for the canning operation was the presence of foreign material, mainly large pieces of metal, in the waste stream. This metal posed a significant risk to the recycling machinery, leading to potential damage and costly repairs. Innovative Waste Recycling took proactive measures to address this issue, including bilingual signage, training at the plant, and educating the staff on what can and cannot be disposed of. Due to these efforts, metal contamination has been dramatically reduced.

Collaboration and Mitigating Costs

To mitigate the risks associated with equipment damage, IWR worked closely with their recycling partner, sharing the responsibility of managing any resulting damage. This collaborative approach ensured a fair burden distribution and maintained a positive relationship between all parties.

Outlet Management and Mediation

In addition to customer management, Innovative Waste Recycling understands the importance of partnering with recyclers, ensuring a smooth waste management process. When issues arose, such as damage caused by foreign material, IWR managed a two-sided solution, working with the food processor and the recycling partner. By offering support and facilitating effective communication, IWR played a crucial role in keeping operations running smoothly and maintaining solid relationships.

After the Implementation

Ensuring Continuity and Reliability

One key message IWR conveys to all its customers is the commitment to providing reliable waste management solutions. Innovative Waste Recycling understands its critical role in sustaining operations and business continuity. By offering flexible options and consistently delivering exceptional service, Innovative Waste Recycling ensures that its customers always have a dependable waste and byproduct management partner.


IWR's Impact

This case study demonstrates how Innovative Waste Recycling successfully addresses waste management challenges in a demanding industry. By providing responsive and tailored solutions, managing damaging foreign material effectively, and maintaining solid partnerships, IWR ensures that its customers can focus on their core operations while having a reliable waste and byproducts management partner.

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