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Meal Prep and Distribution Company Case Study

Innovative Waste Recycling (IWR) is a waste and byproducts management company that provides sustainable solutions for various industries. This case study focuses on the partnership between Innovative Waste Recycling and its client, a prominent food-prep and meal kit company operating under multiple brands. The meal kit company offers customers the option to make a partially prepared meal or choose pre-cooked meals that customers can prepare in the microwave.

Company Profile

Number of Employees


Annual Revenue


Number of Locations


of Americans subscribe to a meal service

Nearly 20% of Americans have subscribed to a meal kit service.

IWR has helped divert over 6,000 tons of meal kit organics from landfills.

Solving the Problem

Client Background and Problem Identification

The client company operates in the food preparation industry, catering to customers all over the U.S. and elsewhere. They provide meal kits and pre-cooked meals, delivering convenience and variety to their customers. However, the client faced challenges managing waste, particularly food and packaging materials, and was subject to strict waste disposal regulations. They sought a solution to minimize food waste, reduce reliance on a single waste disposal provider, divert waste from landfills, and find a more sustainable approach.

Solution Implementation

Innovative Waste Recycling proposed several solutions after thoroughly analyzing the client's waste management practices. One of the key strategies employed was using specialized boxes with liners for waste collection, eliminating the need for multiple garbage bins and reducing the risk of workplace accidents. This approach allowed the client to consolidate organic waste and streamline their collection and shipping process.

Success and Expansion

IWR’s solutions addressed the client's waste management challenges and aligned with their sustainability goals. The partnership enabled the client to divert significant waste from the landfill, contributing to their overall sustainability efforts. At one site, the partnership quickly saved the client the initial enterprise-wide savings estimate. The positive results and strong account management capabilities of Innovative Waste Recycling impressed the client, leading to additional contracts, locations, and plans to partner on further expansion.

After the Implementation

Testimonials and Recognition

The collaboration between Innovative Waste Recycling and the client has garnered praise within the relationship and beyond. The head of sustainability expressed satisfaction with Innovative Waste Recycling's account management abilities, highlighting IWR’s transparency, and the commitment to finding innovative solutions for all companies in the food chain.

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IWR's Impact

The partnership between Innovative Waste Recycling and the food prep company exemplifies the value of IWR’s solutions in the food preparation and meal kit industry. Innovative Waste Recycling has helped clients achieve significant cost savings while contributing to their sustainability goals. The strategy involves implementing efficient waste collection methods, diverting waste from landfills, and managing every aspect of the process – collection, hauling, and disposal. The success of this collaboration showcases the importance of finding tailored solutions to address unique waste management challenges in various industries across the U.S.

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