Rejected Load Management

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Rejected Load Management Case Study

Innovative Waste Recycling (IWR) is a waste management company specializing in providing sustainable solutions for the disposal of byproducts and waste for various industries. IWR has extensive experience in handling and managing rejected loads from haulers. This case study focuses on a specific hauler and their challenges when dealing with a load of infested melons.

Client Background

A shipper’s primary focus is transporting goods from one location to another. However, the loads they pick up are occasionally rejected at the point of delivery for various reasons, such as contamination or infestation. Once rejected, the hauler and originating shipping company seek advice on disposing of the rejected load. Most companies shipping products are unaware of disposal options in other cities and regions. Innovative Waste Recycling often handles inquiries from these groups.

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Reject Load Solutions Year Over Year

Reject load solutions have increased nearly three-fold annually

IWR's insights have lead to significant increases in reject load solutions year over year.

Solving the Problem

The Challenge

In this case, the hauler encountered a situation where they delivered a load of melons from California to the Midwest that was infested with bugs. The recipient of the load refused to unload it and demanded that the hauler remove the load from their premises to avoid any infestation. This load rejection left the hauler in a difficult position, as they had to find a way to dispose of the infested load in an unfamiliar region with specific laws regarding organics disposal.

Finding a Solution

The hauler reached out to Innovative Waste Recycling for assistance. IWR suggested taking the load to a nearby sustainable outlet, where the infested melons could be disposed of properly. This solution allowed the hauler to offload the contaminated product and continue their journey back to California quickly, without further complications.

Expanding Opportunities

Innovative Waste Recycling aims to work with haulers to resolve rejected loads. Although handling these situations can be operationally challenging, IWR believes that by streamlining the process and building relationships with shippers nationwide, they can offer a valuable service to assist haulers in finding suitable sustainable destinations for rejected loads.

After the Implementation

Building Relationships

One advantage that sets Innovative Waste Recycling apart is its relationships with food processing and warehousing operations. These relationships enable IWR to communicate directly with the people responsible for handling rejected loads, ensuring a more efficient and effective process. By having a presence at a grassroots level, IWR can provide personalized assistance where it benefits haulers the most, at the dock level.

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IWR's Impact

Innovative Waste Recycling is crucial in supporting haulers like this client when dealing with rejected loads. IWR aims to streamline the process and provide nationwide assistance for haulers facing similar challenges by offering solutions and building relationships within the industry. With their expertise and commitment to waste management, Innovative Waste Recycling continues to be a valuable partner in the transportation and logistics sector.

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