Adjacent Industry Waste Management Solution


Adjacent Industry Waste Management Case Study

Innovative Waste Recycling (IWR) is a waste and byproducts management company that provides sustainable solutions for various industries. This case study highlights one of their notable projects with a client, where they went above and beyond their usual scope of work to provide a unique solution.

Client Background

The client, a company outside of Innovative Waste Recycling's usual market segment, was facing a pressing issue with the disposal of their agricultural waste. They urgently needed assistance finding a solution to the gathering and sustainable disposal of plastics and tubing used during the growing season. There was significant complexity in working with sites across the U.S., including transporting to partners for one disposal solution. Although Innovative Waste Recycling was not typically involved in this work, they took on the challenge and assembled a team to tackle the problem.

Company Profile

Number of Employees


Annual Revenue


Number of Locations


States Involved In Project

4 state recycling project

IWR worked across 4 states during this project, demonstrating an ability to adapt and work in varied markets.

Solving the Problem

The Solution

IWR completed many site surveys to identify types of materials and potential recycling opportunities. Once complete, special techniques were developed to gather and place the materials on flatbeds and box trailers for safe hauling. Special planning was needed to direct different material types to associated recycling operations. IWR coordinated gathering, shipping, and disposal for the client—indeed, an “easy button” solution. The project solution was both effective and efficient.

Going Beyond the Norm

This project exemplifies Innovative Waste Recycling's commitment to solving problems outside their usual business scope. They understand the importance of helping clients in need and are willing to go the extra mile. They approach each challenge as an opportunity.

Building Trust and Dependability

By consistently demonstrating their willingness to put in the work required to find solutions, Innovative Waste Recycling has gained the trust and confidence of its clients. The client recognized that the team at IWR handled the project exceptionally well, even though it was an operationally challenging and time-consuming endeavor. The success of this project further solidified the company's reputation for dependable problem-solving.

Long-Term Benefits

Innovative Waste Recycling's willingness to take on unconventional projects has opened doors to new opportunities across the U.S. Clients have continued to engage with IWR, seeking assistance with various other issues unrelated to the core business of organics landfill avoidance. This growth demonstrates the value of building solid relationships and showcasing expertise in different areas.

After the Implementation

Going Above and Beyond

In addition to solving immediate problems, Innovative Waste Recycling also provided valuable suggestions and solutions for the client's operations, offering insights on optimizing operations and exploring options for additional enhancements. These efforts were driven by a genuine desire to assist and build a lasting partnership. This agricultural client has identified IWR as the management group for the sustainability efforts for next season.


IWR's Impact

This case study of IWR’s project demonstrates its exceptional problem-solving capabilities and dedication to its clients. Innovative Waste Recycling has solidified its position as a reliable and innovative waste and byproduct management company by stepping outside its normal business scope and delivering successful outcomes. Their ability to build trust, provide unique solutions, and maintain strong relationships sets them apart in the industry.

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