Biofuel waste opportunity

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Biofuel Waste Opportunity Case Study

Innovative Waste Recycling (IWR) is an organic waste and byproducts management company specializing in finding creative sustainable solutions for waste management and recycling. This case study examines their experience working with diverse customers and developing unique approaches to handling different types of waste materials.

Client Background

One of the first customers who approached Innovative Waste Recycling required assistance with a unique waste material. The material in question was inert ash generated from a boiler system, which could not be processed using IWR’s partner anaerobic digester. Despite this challenge, Innovative Waste Recycling collaborated with a farmer to propose an alternative solution. The ash was successfully utilized as a soil amendment to help offset farmer input requirements.

Company Profile

Number of Employees


Annual Revenue


Number of Locations


Loads of Bio Ash Diverted From Landfill

500+ loads of bio ash diverted from the landfill

IWR's solutions for this client have lead to over 500 loads of bio ash diverted from landfills to more sustainable outcomes.

Solving the Problem

Challenges and Solutions

Innovative Waste Recycling frequently encounters situations where customers present unique waste and byproduct management challenges. As an example, there was an instance when a facility shutdown resulted in a significant amount of waste material that needed to be handled. In response, IWR worked closely with its customers to understand their specific needs and limitations. IWR devised creative solutions through innovative thinking, working with their extensive network to identify customers who could utilize the waste material or explore alternative disposal methods.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Throughout their journey, Innovative Waste Recycling has emphasized the importance of collaboration and partnerships. They actively engage with other organizations, such as ethanol plants, to explore potential ways to work together by better utilizing byproducts created in different industries. IWR always remains open to exploring possibilities and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships.

Handling Large Volumes

Innovative Waste Recycling frequently encounters situations that require effective management of large volumes of waste. Customers often present them with significant quantities of production byproducts that demand immediate attention. The company's approach involves carefully assessing the situation, understanding the volumes, and devising efficient waste-handling plans. IWR works closely with customers to identify suitable solutions, whether that involves finding additional technologies to process the waste or developing specific strategies for disposal via multiple outlets.

After the Implementation

Lessons Learned

Through their experiences, Innovative Waste Recycling has gained valuable insights into waste management and recycling. They recognize the importance of understanding each customer's needs and limitations. Additionally, the company has realized the significance of collaboration, partnerships, and excellent communication when finding innovative ways to address waste management challenges.

Project 9 - Biogas and Digestion

IWR's Impact

Innovative Waste Recycling has demonstrated its commitment to finding creative solutions for waste management and recycling. They have successfully handled various waste materials by closely collaborating with customers, fostering partnerships, and thinking creatively. This case study serves as an inspiration for other organizations seeking sustainable waste management practices.

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