Pork Processor Offloading Challenge


Pork Processor Offloading Case Study

Innovative Waste Recycling (IWR) is a waste and byproducts management company that provides sustainable solutions for various industries. This case study focuses on a unique problem that IWR helped solve for one of its pork processing clients.

Client Background

The pork products manufacturer relies on contracted haulers to transport ingredients from the pork processing facility to their pet food manufacturing facility. One specific contracted hauler faced an interesting problem with unloading the liquid waste tanks they were hauling.

Company Profile

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Safe Unloading Rate

100% safe unloading rate for processing client, hauler, and anaerobic digester

IWR's involvement lead to greatly increased safety and improved outcomes for its client partner.

Solving the Problem

How IWR Got Involved

IWR initially started working with the pork processing company to assist them with products identified as off-spec and identified for disposal. Through this partnership, IWR was introduced to a carrier that hauls liquid byproduct tankers for pet food plants. This carrier also transported the processing plant’s off-spec product to IWR’s regional partner, an anaerobic digester.

The Challenge

The contracted hauler was not allowed to unload their tanks when they needed to dispose of the materials at a nearby anaerobic digester. The transported material was thick and hard to offload, requiring dilution with water to make it more flowable. Due to policies in place with the hauler, drivers were not permitted to help with the dilution process or unload the tanks themselves.

Training and Equipment Implementation

IWR worked closely with the operators at their partner anaerobic digester to provide them with the necessary training and safety equipment to unload the pork processing waste tankers. This work enabled the operators to climb on the tanks and perform the dilution process safely, allowing for sustainable and beneficial waste disposal.

After the Implementation

IWR Uniquely Positioned to Solve the Problem

IWR’s knowledge of how digesters operate and their understanding of tank unloading processes allowed them to navigate the complexities of this project. Additionally, IWR's experience with similar operations all over the country gave them valuable insights that applied to the East Coast facilities.

Continued Collaboration and Success

IWR continues working with the pork processing client and the contracted hauler. The implemented solution remains a success. IWR has been assisting with multiple loads weekly. The success of this project highlights IWR's ability to find innovative solutions and build strong relationships with its clients and those with whom their clients work.


IWR's Impact

Through their expertise, collaboration, and problem-solving capabilities, IWR was able to help their client overcome a unique challenge in the food manufacturing and pork processing industry. By navigating policies, understanding safety requirements, and providing training, IWR ensured the proper unloading and disposal of materials for their client. This case study is a testament to IWR's commitment to sustainable waste management and its ability to deliver effective solutions tailored to its client’s needs.

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